Black Bridge Rd (connector)


This short connector section starts at the Iroquois pipeline east of the McLaughin Vineyards parking area and ends at the end of the paved section of Black Bridge Rd. About half of this section is road walking on Black Bridge Rd.


Active beaver colony between Walnut Tree Hill Rd. and Black Bridge Rd. has created a pond by damming the tiny stream that crosses the area. The trail is impassable here, so see the beaver dam and then backtrack to the road; go left and then left again on Black Bridge Rd. to rejoin the trail.

Segment Map: 
Trail segment map
1.0 mi
Hiking Time: 
Easy (see trail ratings)
Black Bridge Rd.
Iroquois Pipeline
Hiking Notes: 

Hiking south from the Iroquois pipeline, note the road crossing at Walnut Tree Hill Rd. As of summer 2009, beavers have flooded part of the next section, between here and Black Bridge Rd. If it is impassable, double back to Walnut Tree Hill Rd., go left for about 200 yards, and then left again on Black Bridge Rd. to get around the new lake.
If hiking north, go left at the dam and follow Black Bridge Rd. to Walnut Tree Hill Rd. Go right for about 200 yards and left into the forest to rejoin the trail.