Dayton Street (connector)


This section is a connector between the Rocky Glen and Pootatuck River sections.


Costello's Opera House on 2.5 acres near the Dayton Street Bridge brought music to Sandy Hook. Constructed in 1894 it lasted until late 1897 when consumed by fire. One can still find the foundation.

The Dayton Street Bridge shortened the walk to the Rubber Factories for the Irish employees who lived on Dayton Street. It is one of several remaining iron bridges built in the 19th century.

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5 minutes
Easy (see trail ratings)
Dayton Street
Methodist Church
Hiking Notes: 

After emerging from Rocky Glen State Park, continue straight down Dayton St. to the end at Church Hill Rd. Cross Church Hill Rd. and enter the Newtown United Methodist Church parking lot. Continue to the rear of the lot and find the beginning of the Pootatuck section to the left of the playground.